We have brought together a virtual "Who's Who" of endometriosis for the ACE 2021, to bring forth cutting edge knowledge on the subject. The program will be of interest to the researcher as well as the clinician alike. We hope we will be able to make a difference to the quality of life of the millions of sufferers in the world.

The program is presently under development. It will include nine plenary lectures by leading global experts and parallel sessions that will be of great interest to clinicians and researchers, engaging nuances of endometriosis surgery, its diagnosis and cutting edge basic science research.

In addition, there will be many pre-congress activities – including a symposium to create awareness targeting opinion leaders in Sri Lanka; a masterclass aimed at early-career researchers titled “How to get your research published” conducted by renowned researchers who have published extensively; a hands-on workshop on endometriosis surgery.

Researchers will have an opportunity to present orally or as posters. From these, the best Free Communications will for selected for presentation along with the Plenary Lectures.

The preliminary program is given here

Last Update: 15 October, 14:21 (GMT+5:30)

Day 1 - 28th October 2021

0800 - 0810

Opening ceremony

Welcome Address – Hemantha Senanayake (Congress Chair)

President’s Welcome – Saeed Alborzi (President, ASEA)

0810 – 0840
Plenary 1
Kristof Chwalisz (US)- Potential future medical therapies for endometriosis
0840 - 0910
Plenary 2
Deborah Bush (New Zealand) - Early intervention for dysmenorrhoea and why it matters
0910 - 1010 Free papers
OP 1 - 5
Free papers
OP 6 - 10
Symposium 1 (SY 1) Adenomyosis
Chih-Feng Yen (Taiwan) Considerations of adenomyosis and laparoscopic adenomyomectomy
Rajendra Sankpal (India) Laparoscopic adenomyoma resection - a novel approach
1010 - 1020 Commercials Q & A
1020 – 1050
Keynote 1
Sun Wei Guo (China) - The invisible gorilla, the elephant and the blind men: How a better understanding of the pathophysiology can guide us to develop better therapeutics for endometriosis
1050 – 1220 Symposium 2 (SY 2) Pathophysiology, genetics and epigenetics Symposium 3 (SY 3) Endometriosis surgery Symposium 4 (SY 4)
Dharani Hapangama (UK) Hierarchical organisation and novel microarchitecture of endometrial glands: implications for endometrial regeneration and endometriosis Akira Iwase (Japan) - Best practice for surgical management of endometriosis Kirana Arambage (UK) Extrapelvic endometriosis
Pramathes Das Mahapatra (India) Surgery for endometriosis – does it improve outcomes?
Qing Xue (China) Epigenetic alteration and key molecular abnormalities of estrogen biosynthesis in endometriosis Rajesh Modi (India) – How to approach laparoscopic hysterectomy in the frozen pelvis Saleha Begum Chowdhury (Bangladesh) Adenomyosis and infertility
Krina Zondervan (UK) Recent developments in understanding the genetics of endometriosis Amphan Chalermchockcharoenkit (Thailand) Laparoscopic Conservative Surgery in Frozen Pelvis Parveen Fatima (Bangladesh) Impact of endometriosis on infertility
1220 - 1235 Q & A, Commercials
1235 – 1305
Plenary 3
SJ Sean Tsai (Taiwan) - Targeting adhesion capacity to treat endometriosis
1305 – 1335
Plenary 4
Dharani Hapangama (UK) - Endometrial epithelial progenitor cells and their role in endometrial regeneration and in endometriosis
1335 - 1350 Q &A, Commercials
1350 – 1520 Symposium 5 (SY 5) Pathophysiology and pathology Symposium 6 (SY 6) Robotic Surgery Symposium 7 (SY 7) Advanced surgical techniques
Sun Wei Guo (China) - Unveiling of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of adenomyosis Alexandr Popov (Russia) Robot-assisted surgery in colorectal endometriosis: 10 steps for successful results Sandesh Kade (India) Sergical treatment of deeply infiltrating endometriosis with colorectal involvement
Asgi Fazleabas (USA) miRNA’s in endometriosis: pathological insights and clinical implications Yoshiaki Ota (Japan) Robotic surgery in severe endometriosis Kieth Isaacson (USA) What is the role of surgical resection of adenomyosis?
Khaleque Khan (Japan) An axonemal alteration in apical endometria of human adenomyosis: an implication in infertility Mee Ran Kim (South Korea) Robot assisted adenomyomectomy for fertility preservation Dhammike Silva (Sri Lanka) Surgery for the obliterated cul de sac
Rooma Sinha (India) Robotics for endometriosis – will this be a paradigm shift?
1520 - 1550

Sung Hoon Kim (South Korea) Possible role of retinol-binding protein-4 in the pathogenesis and/or pathophysiology of endometriosis
1520 - 1530

Q & A, Commercials
1520 - 1550

Hans-Rudolph Tinneberg (Germany) Surgery of obliterated cul-de-sac and bowel endometriosis
Ashish Kale (India) Revisiting the standard medical treatments for endometriosis
1550 - 1610

Q & A, Commercials
Rashida Begum (Bangladesh) Optimizing IVF/ICSI outcomes in women with endometrioma and low AMH 1550 - 1610

Q & A, Commercials
1610 - 1640
Plenary 5
Tamer Seckin (USA) - Peritoneal pores to pneumothorax: prospects of pelvic pain
1640 - 1650 Q & A, Commercials
1650 - 1730 Free Papers
OP - 11 - 14

Day 2 - 29th October 2021

0800 – 0830
Plenary 6
Bruce Lessey (USA) - Endometriosis and recurrent implantation failure in IVF
0830 – 0900
Plenary 7
Kaori Koga (Japan) Endometriosis and ovarian reserve
0900 – 0915
Q & A, Commercials
0915 – 0945
Keynote 2
Saeed Alborzi (Iran) - Colorectal endometriosis, a review of 800 patients
0945 – 1010
Plenary 8
Rachel Chan (Hong Kong) - Endometrial stem cells and their microenvironment
1010 – 1035
Plenary 9
Dilip Visvanathan (UK) - Training in advanced laparoscopic surgery
1035 – 1045
Q & A, Commercials
1045 - 1215
Symposium 8 (SY 8) Pathogenesis and pathology Symposium 9 (SY 9) Improving outcomes Symposium 10 (SY 10) Extragenital endometriosis
SJ Sean Tsai (Taiwan) - Pathological functions of lymphangiogenesis in endometriosis Dayong Lee (Korea) Fertility preservation in women with endometriosis Yutaga Osuga (Japan) Modern management of extragenital endometriosis
Kaori Koga (Japan) Immune responses associated with endometriosis Engin Oral (Turkey) Endometriosis after age 40 Dhammike Silva (Sri Lanka) Diagnosis and management of urinary tract endometriosis
Sachiko Matsuzaki (France) Fibrosis and endometriosis Madura Jayawardane (Sri Lanka) Improving the outcomes of surgery for endometriosis PG Paul (India) Management of urinary tract endometriosis
Chii Ruey Tzeng (Taiwan) Biomarkers of endometriosis Nikolai Rukhliada (Russia) Reproductive strategy of endometriosis treatment Zhang Xinmei (China) Deciding between segmental resection or endometriotic excision in bowel endometriosis
1215 - 1230 Q & A, Commercials
1230 - 1300
Plenary 10
Felice Petraglia (Italy, SEUD) Adenomyosis: pathogenesis of symptoms
1300 - 1330
Plenary 11
Harald Krentel(Germany, EEL) – Adenomyosis – transvaginal ultrasound diagnosis and treatment options
1330 - 1400
Plenary 12
Tasuku Harada (Japan) Conservative management of adenomyosis
1400 - 1410 Q & A, Commercials
1410 - 1610 Symposium 11 (SY 11) Adolescent endometriosis/menopause Symposium 12 (SY 12) Endometrioma Symposium 13 (SY 13) Client-centred care
Kanae Ogawa (Japan) Current status and development of adolescent endometriosis Dinesh Biyagama (Sri Lanka) Surgery for endometrioma – tips and tricks Deborah Bush (New Zealand) Endometriosis: Unmet Need in Patient Centred Care - an innovative adjunct
Ikuko Ota (Japan) Management of adolescent endometriosis with dienogest considering bone turnover Chanil Ekanayake (Sri Lanka) Prevention of recurrence following surgery Lone Hummelshoj (WES) Setting realistic expectations in the treatment of endometriosis
Sharmin Abbasi (Bangladesh) Adolescent endometriosis in the context of South Asia Aleksandr Popov (Russia) Surgical management of endometrioma: pitfalls and reproductive results Angela Aguilar (Philippines) Providing patient responsive endometriosis care: changing perspectives
Sameena Chowdhury (Bangladesh) School based program for creating awareness on endometriosis during COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh Saeed Alborzi (Iran) Assisted reproductive technique outcomes in patients with endometrioma undergoing sclerotherapy vs laparoscopic cystectomy Hasthika Ellepola, Ian Bloomfield, Melanie Walkenhorst (Australia) Multidisciplinary collaborative care model for managing endometriosis: Australian experience
Diana Bitner (USA) Bridging the gap between induced menopause symptoms and real life consequences Li Ma (Singapore) Value of endometriosis mapping scan in deep infiltrating endometriosis surgery Kumara Dissanayake (Sri Lanka) Tips for endometriosis surgery with low-tech instrumentation
1610 - 1620 Q & A, Commercials
1620 - 1800
“It's ok to talk about it. Period!”
Public Awareness Session
on Endometriosis and Menstrual Health Management
Sponsored by the UNFPA
Open to the public via free registration

Day 3 - 30th October 2021

0800 – 0830
Keynote 3
Asgi Fazleabas (USA) – The role of NOTCH 1 in endometriosis lesion development
0830 – 0900
Plenary 13
Khaleque Khan (Japan) – Bacterial contamination hypothesis: a new concept in endometriosis
0900 – 0925
Plenary 14
Michael Cooper (Australia) - Complications of laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis
0925 – 0950
Plenary 15
James English (Netherlands) - Anatomy and surgical anatomy for nerve-sparing radical surgery
0950 - 1000 Q & A, Commercials
1000 – 1130 Symposium 14 (SY 14) Infertility Symposium 15 (SY 15) Basics of endometriosis surgery Symposium 16 (SY 16) Pregnancy outcomes/ cancer
Kutay Biberoglu (Turkey) How to manage endometriosis - associated infertilit Dinesh Biyagama (Sri Lanka- Pelvic anatomy for the endometriosis surgeon Tasuku Harada (Japan) Endometriosis and pregnancy outcomes
Jing Guan (China) Endometriosis, infertility and subtle lesions Probodana Ranaweera (Sri Lanka) Adenomyosis and pregnancy outcomes
Thilina Palihawadana (Sri Lanka) Endometriosis and assisted reproductive techniques TA Chowdhury (Bangladesh) Do’s and don’ts of endometriosis surgery Fuminori Taniguchi (Japan) Malignant transformation of endometrioma
Meng-Hsing Wu (Taiwan) The impact of quality of life with endometriosis - related infertility undergoing IVF treatment Manoj Withanathanthrige (Sri Lanka) The ureter – the key to successful endometriosis surgery Samanthi Premaratne (Sri Lanka) Endometriosis and ovarian cancer
Damodar R Rao (India) Total laparoscopic hysterectomy for endometriosis
1130 - 1145 Q & A, Commercials
1145 – 1215
Plenary 16
Moamar Al-Jefout(Jordan) Hold your horses before you operate!!! – Rethinking surgery in endometriosis
1215 – 1245
Plenary 17
Stacey Missimer (USA) - Endometriosis and risk of gynecologic and multisystemic morbidities
1245 - 1315
Plenary 18
Luk Rombauts (Australia, WES) - The clinical relevance of mild and minimal endometriosis
1315 - 1330 Q & A, Commercials
1330 - 1500 Symposium 17 (SY 17) Medical treatment of endometriosis/Drug development Symposium 18 (SY 18) Adenomyosis Symposium 19 (SY 19) Ultrasound in endometriosis
Yuval Kaufman (Israel) Huge potential for cannabis in endometriosis patients Asha R Rao (India) Adenomyosis and fertility outcomes Lil Valentine – Systematic transvaginal ultrasound for diagnosis and assessment of endometriosis
Kutay Biberoglu (Turkey) Dienogest in endometriosis associated pelvic pain Nozer Sheriar (India) Targeted operative hysteroscopy for adenomyosis Padmashri Giridharan (India) Evaluating endometriomas
Olarik Musgavong (Thailand) Innovation in endometriosis care Andon Hestiantoro (Indonesia) Infertility management and adenomyosis Fong Yoke Fai (Singapore) Ultrasound essentials for every endometriosis surgeon
Kristof Chwalisz (USA) Clinical development of oral GnRH antagonists for the management of endometriosis Elham Eskari (Iran) Rate of coexistence between uterine adenomyosis and DIE according to imaging and histopathology findings Jeevan Marasinghe (Australia) Clinical and ultrasound correlates of endometriosis
1500 - 1515 Q & A, Commercials
1515 - 1545
Plenary 19
Jörg Keckstein (Austria) - #Enzian Classification, a comprehensive system as a unique approach for invasive and non invasive diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis
1545 - 1615 Valedictory session and close